Don’t just smell good, smell great!!

Remember the time when you got into the elevator and the moment the door closed, you found yourself in the middle of a rendezvous of various fragrances. You could smell unwashed hair, sweaty underarms, smelly socks, clothes that hadn’t been aired for a long time and then, someone’s breath started to play ‘twenty questions’ with you about what their last meal was. That less than a minute ride still gives you nightmares.. Doesn’t it??

Every time it has happens to me, I get this mental picture of my face turning green…


Don’t know why?

I guess, just my over imaginative brain!!

I once heard Shah Rukh Khan, the ‘King of Romance’ say, “..If you’re stepping out, you have to smell good. Brush your teeth, hair should be soft, you should smell very very good…..”,

In another interview he says, “….It’s very important for me to smell good….”

And King Khan is never ever wrong!! In fact, some of my obsessiveness about smelling good has happened after listening to him..

Smelling good is really, really important. More important is to continue to smell good as the day passes. And it’s really not all that tough.


Here, let me tell you how:


Bathe nicely; clean every part of your body; pay special attention to areas that sweat the maximum i.e. armpits, back of the neck, back of the ear, inner thigh… use products that smell good and have as little chemicals as possible. For all this you might have to be up 5 minutes early or sleep 5 minutes later.. Do that!


Wash your hair regularly, especially after workouts and on days you have been out a lot. Sweat is neither good for your hair, nor is the smell good for people around you. While washing, massage your scalp well and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Again, use a shampoo and a conditioner that is as chemical free as possible and has a good smell.


Use a mildly scented body lotion.



Scrub your feet clean, especially between your toes.



Use a laundry detergent which is of good quality and not just good smelling. Nothing can compete with clean clothes. Use a softener too. Its leaves a good smell in your clothes.


Air out your wardrobe once in a while.


Use clean underwear. Change them twice a day if you must. It’s hygienic.


Never put away your clothes that are not fully dry. It will start to smell and that musty smell will spread in all you clothes.


Don’t repeat your socks without washing them. A sweaty sock would make your feet smell and leave the same smell in your shoe


Throwing in a perfume sachet in your socks drawer and underwear drawer also helps a lot.


Spray talcum powder in your shoes to get rid of odor. Your shoes need time to air out; try not to wear the same pair for more than two days in continuation.


While travelling, carry a foot spray with you. They come in small packs too and are very convenient.


Have your breath smell good. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss them at night (use a water flosser), and rinse after every meal, clean your tongue at least twice a week. If you have had garlic or onion or a strong flavored food, please rinse thoroughly or maybe even brush. No one wants to smell your food. Use an alcohol free mouthy wash.


Carry a gum with you, always. It helps get rid of dry mouth and prevents bad odor.


Use a deodorant.


Try wearing as much natural fabric as possible. They let your skin breathe.


Use a nice perfume, preferably a mild one for day time and little stronger for night time.. Put them on the warmer areas like your wrist, behind the ears, stomach and knees. Don’t rub the area after applying perfume, its takes away the top layer and gives you lesser wear time.


The deodorant, body wash, shampoo and your perfume, try to keep them of the same family. It’s the layer of good fragrance that you build up and this is what will stick around the whole day.

Somewhere deep down, we associate people with the way they smell. It does happen. Think about it- if a person has really bad body odor, and the moment his/her name is taken, don’t you associate him with that bad smell? Or, if someone always smells good, the mention of his/her name, triggers the memory of a good smell and your heart smiles a bit. We need to decide which memory we want to trigger in people.

So be clean, smell good and be happy!!

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  • I have personally known divya for many years. What always stood out was her sense of style. Always very classy and very fashionable. Personally i feel she is the BESt go to person for any kind of STYLing advise. She has an inborn acumen to uncannily sense what a person is about and give just the perfect advise on what to wear and what not to. Would definitely recommend her as your personal go to IMAge and STyle consultant.

  • Good one !!!