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“FuMbliNg CaTwalk” is a series of stories that I write about fashion. They have a little bit of Satire, a little bit of exaggeration, some irony  and a lot of humour. 

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Body shapes – MoULds wAitInG tO Be bRoKeN!

We women, as we reach the age, when our curves start to develop, we are constantly told about what body shape mould we fit into.. We constantly read about it and make umpteen futile efforts to fit ourselves into one of these moulds.

I have done the same, since I entered my teens. 

I love reading fashion magazines;

I love trends;

I love styling;

I love dressing up;

I thoroughly enjoy getting dressed and looking good;

And I cannot even stress enough on how much I love shopping (you should see my credit card bills).

Here is me, trying to copy a Vogue model.. 🙂

But since my early days, a thought that has been ‘persistently existing’ (if there is a term like that) in my head is,

“Why this set body type? Are we made in factories, where there are assigned  moulds and we have to be made in one of them?”I have read so many articles about, “How to dress according to your body shape.”

It talks about certain categories that the woman’s body is divided into.  There are terms like, ‘Pear-shaped, boyish, apple figure, tall, busty, spoon, bell, hourglass’……. and many more.

Reading them has made me feel a little short of thinking of myself like a fruit or a vegetable basket, ready to be dressed and served in a bowl.

Not a good feeling!

They are predefined labels for the shapes we are supposed to be. These article very elaborately tell us how a woman of a particulate shape is suppose to dress. Good!

My question is, I am a tall, curvy woman with a pear shaped figure. I cover three of these categories, but the advise for each category is different. What do I do?

Am i not a woman then or am I not eligible to be stylish? Are their certain bodies that are worth dressing or do I just give up on myself?

Mentally I have tried to stuff myself in a certain category, a million times and there has been a gruesome battle in my mind about which one to choose. And I have failed miserably each time..

God! talk about being indecisive…

I am a stylist and I interact with woman and solve their style related issues on a daily basis (what an irony).

Eventually, I did realise that it was not just my battle, but a space I share with so many others.

Someone , please solve our problem!

So, what do these shapes really mean?

Being ‘Boyish’ means – Goddess of puberty forgot to deliver me boobs?

Being ‘tall’ means – I resemble a pole or am I awkward?

Being ‘pear-shaped’ means – I have a huge bottom or do I have a stalk on my head?

Being ‘apple shaped’ means – I look like a football? I have no curves?

Being ‘spoon shaped’ means – I can pick up things? I cant even decipher how a woman could look like a spoon, but then how can I comment on ever so widely endorsed body shapes.

Being ‘bell shaped’ means – Shake me and I make a sound?

Being ‘petite’ means- I cannot look sexy? I have to shop from kids department??

These are all my genuine questions, that pop in my head time and again and leave me feeling all confused and ignorant.

If a woman doesn’t have voluptuous curves, is she supposed to stuff her bra with fake boobs to put that dress on or make that clingy shirt look good?

Will heaven really fall on her if she broke the so called rules and dressed according to her rules?

With these thoughts in my mind, I stop and wonder,

“Doesn’t femininity and gorgeousness come in all shapes and size? Aren’t these so well defined body shapes a little yesterday? Isn’t dressing according to what looks good and feels fabulous more important?”

But then, maybe these questions of mine will never be answered. After all, I don’t follow these precious rules. Not my fault … They didn’t make a category for my body type..

A piece of advise from a woman with a defective body,

‘Wear what makes you feel fabulous. If you feel good about what you are wearing, you will look good. 

Right attitude does it all.’


So wear that Marilyn Monroe flowing dress, or Julia Robert’s polka dots… As long as you are confident about what you are wearing, you’ll look just just fine.


Tell yourself, you are fabulous.

Flaunt yourself and do it with confidence.

If you have any questions or want any advise from the ‘imperfect body me’, write to me.

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