Color Color What Color Do You Choose?

What the colors you wear say about you?

Staring at my closet, with the morning mug in my hand, is an everyday routine for me.. And I am sure, so is the case with many others..

But there are some who reach into the closet, half asleep and throw on what ever is closest or cleanest!

Understandable.. Choosing what color to wear might not be the first thing some would think of early in the morning..

But honestly, for me, an attire full of interesting pops of color is really exciting. Certainly more exciting that randomly putting together an ensemble out of convenience.

If we look at our wardrobes closely or if we analyse our dressing styles, we will notice that there are certain colors we naturally gravitate towards..

So, the colors that we wear, do they really say something about us??

Does it really mean anything??

Here is your answer-

Yes they most certainly do!

Colors play a very important role in our wardrobe and in our life.
They have an immense power over our mood, attitude and how we are perceived by the world.
Colors we wear can reflect confidence, loyalty, creativity, and so much more…
It can make us feel secure and uneasy, affect our emotional health and the moods of those around us. And the story continues………..

Since colors have so much to say, lets find out what colors give what vibes..



What I love about black is how versatile it is.

It is the most mysterious of all colors.

On one hand, its  the color of authority, power, sophistication, and strength; a must have for every successful corporate..

On the other hand, no fashionistas wardrobe is complete without the little black dress.

It also signifies intelligence, and probably thats why most graduation robes are black.

Black in an outfit is elegant, formal, easy to coordinate, apt for most situations and certainly makes one look slimmer..

Black is also associated with evil and with mourning.

Too much black can be over powering, so to tone it down wear it with a pop of color.

Black is an amalgamation of all colors;

It covers, conceals, and enshrouds.

It symbolises extremes — all or nothing..




Red as a color is an absolute stunner.

It creates an awesome visual impact, definitely a head turner and an attention grabber..

Red symbolises energy, strength, power and passion..

It would definitely make you stand out in the crowd, keep you charged with emotions, make you appear and feel totally in control..

With Red, boldness is the name of the game..



A hit or a miss color, Orange definitely implies creativity and ambition..

It can instantly uplift your mood and make you feel energetic..

But be careful, with orange its also very easy to look like an escape convict..



 An unemotional color, Grey symbolises calmness and sophistication.

But wearing grey all the time can affect you subconsciously and make you unhappy..



Pink is a happy color, color for love, compassion and kindness..

I did read somewhere that wearing pink can reduce the level of aggression in a person.

Pink is always pretty… 


Green is a color that is meant to bring about balance and signifies nature, creativity, wealth, generosity, healing, and rejuvenation.

Its a color apt for almost every occasion, from a formal office wear to an elaborate dinner or a fun day out…



Blue is meant to induce tranquility, relaxation, creativity, intelligence, loyalty, peace and confidence..

You can almost never go wrong with blue..



A combination of two powerful colors, RED and BLUE, Purple is certainly a color to make a statement with.. It signifies, creativity, sophistication and richness and a great color for formal occasions or ornate accessories.

But purple can also induce a mood of discomfort, so it might not be the best clothing color choice if you want to put someone at ease, such as during a business interview or important meeting.



A color for happiness, yellow improves concentration and signifies good energy and cheerfulness..

Wearing yellow would increase your work productivity and keep you in a positive frame of mind always.

On an insane working day, wear yellow and you will sail through the day better..



The color brown signifies security, stability, and reliability. It a neutral color that does not distract or connote any emotion and therefore ideal for occasions when you have to communicate well with others.



White, a color so pristine and direct, signifies purity, clarity, innocence, sophistication, balance, harmony, peace and grandeur..

Dresses in white you are bound to stand out, for rest get engulfed in the color os sea and bold prints..



This is not a color everyone can pull off!

The color Gold signifies, self confidence, authority, creativity, glamour, extreme sense of style and a whole load of charisma..

The vibes this color gives is of compassion and anyone adorned in gold is bound to be the centre f attention. This color enjoys respect and demands a warm response from others.

Truly my favourite color..



There was time when silver clothes were associated with rock stars, celebrities and stage shows.

But not any more.

Silver is associated with sophistication, self confidence, style and adventure.

It also signifies removal of negativity and calm and serenity..


The color you wear is what people notice first..

With all this information about colors, spruce up your wardrobe a little bit,

but remember, you have to decide what color works best for you.

“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”


So go ahead and wear the colors and see how they make you feel..



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