Fashion industry has always been a lot talked about. 

FuMbliNg CaTwalk” is a series of stories that I write about fashion. They have a little bit of Satire, a little bit of exaggeration, some irony  and a lot of humour. 

These stories are my take on the new trends and styles and the ever so glamorous fashion industry!!

Hope you enjoy reading them. I promise to keep you entertained with them as often as I can!

-Divya Singh Vishwanath

DeAr WeaRabLe or UnBeaRabLe!

After an extremely fulfilling day of shopping and mercilessly binging in San Francisco, I decided to take an evening stroll and observe the neighbourhood. What started as a Self-Entertainment walk, proved to be a very enlightening walk.


I came across a glamorous mother with her equally fabulous teenage daughter, sharing a bowl of ‘Pho’ and engrossed in an extremely deep conversation. Never being able to resist beauty and glamour, I couldn’t stop myself from hovering around to get a few pieces of their conversation (not a good thing to do at all). Soon I realised their polite banter was about how they disapproved of each other’s dressing styles.

This got me thinking  ‘Does generation gap exist in fashion too?’

The thought brought back a whole plethora of conversations I had heard or had been a part of..

It started somewhere with the torn or stressed denims, as they call it. I remember my Grand mom and some aunties hyper-ventilating when they saw me in them, and asked me if I had really run out of clothes to come out in torn ones. In my mind I said, “Don’t you know the latest trends? Like really!” And with a condescending shrug, I remember walking off. Then came the torn denims shorts and their reaction to that made me almost call for the ambulance for them. Recently, I remember the launch of stressed denims by a fashion house, where besides the belt and a few strands of threads, nothing much was visible. My views on that were quite similar to that of my grandmothers. But the girls in 20s something felt it was the ultimate in dressing..

Worst was when I saw some photographs of my mother and her friends when they were in college. The bell bottoms, platform heels, back combed hair, the extra-large buns, those horrendous tops, chiffon sarees and strange cut blouses.. How could they wear it!!
Well, they did and they were the fashion divas of that time..


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Today, sneakers are worn with everything. Comfort is of utmost importance (smart thought, I would say!). This was not true for generations before.. Kill your back but wear those heels.. The new trend is a beautiful parody of style and comfort, and a horror story for some style icons of the past..

‘The off-shoulder everything’ is everywhere and this has some parents fighting the urge to pull those straps back onto the shoulders!! Well, the same kids also fight the urge to snap those hair bangs and redesign the clothes their folks wore in their yester days. The question is, will the two time-stuck generations ever agree to each other’s style statements?

Not to my knowledge!

Fashion changes, trends differ, styles make a comeback and a re-comeback, but each generation sticks to their rules of fashion, reinforcing that their style quotient is what must exist.

Could it be, that the ultimate in wearable for one is unbearable for the other??

Divya Singh Vishwanath

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