Hey you! I am so thrilled that you are reading my blog, StyleFashionShimmer.

Welcome to my small, yet gorgeous world on the internet.


After having being associated with the fashion field for over 17 years, I finally decided to pen my thoughts down, to share it with all others interested in the tricks I learned along the way. I shop for myself and my clients (also friend and family), so why not write my experiences as stories. “A story does make everything seem a little better and a little more interesting.”

What is a fashion for me?

Fashion, for me, is an attitude that I love to wear, a lifestyle I like to lead and a language that I use to connect with all. I, like any other woman, love beautiful things around me. Life seems a lot more fun that way.

Like most women, and certainly some men, I have an obsessive love for shoes, bags, pretty clothes, makeup and anything bling!! And like them, I have a little bit of extra of them all in my closet. After a lot of planning, when you stand in front of the mirror and the reflection winks at you, pleased with its looks, that thrill, that happiness, is beyond compare.

When that reflection in the mirror says “Picture Perfect”, your confidence level soars to new heights. After all, who doesn’t want to look good, confident, stylish and diva like?

Is fashion expensive?


Fashion is what you want it to be. It can burn a hole in your pocket or it fit within your budget. Either way, it takes some effort. Always look for things that you are comfortable in and identify with. High end luxury brands are great. I personally love them. But there are other affordable brands too. And I love them too!! Look for bargains.. You’ll find them everywhere.

What is my blog about?


My blog is all about LOOKING GOOD, LIVING WELL and FEELING BEAUTIFUL. It’s for everyone, students, professionals, moms, men of all age groups, anyone who wants a daily dose of glamour!!

I love shopping, buying things for myself, my kids, my husband…………….

I love using stuff I already have to coming up with a totally new look.

I like to experiment with makeup and accessories.

I shop from the fanciest of stores, the biggest brands available, the local bargain stores, the street shops; anywhere I can get things that I can style, wear and make the reflection in the mirror wink at me.

When I see that wink, my heart tells me a story and that’s exactly what my blog is all about: ‘The story of style and fashion.’


So welcome to the family of “StyleFashionShimmer” and I look forward to you reading my stories.