Fashion industry has always been a lot talked about. 

“FuMbliNg CaTwalk” is a series of stories that I write about fashion. They have a little bit of Satire, a little bit of exaggeration, some irony  and a lot of humour. 

These stories are my take on the new trends and styles and the ever so glamorous fashion industry!!

Hope you enjoy reading them. I promise to keep you entertained with them as often as I can!

-Divya Singh Vishwanath

Fashion, Trends & styles, all from Grandma’s attic..

After a very satisfying shopping trip, with shopping bags that were pouring out of my car boot, I return home to be stared at by my mom and hear her say, “Your generation has horrible fashion sense.”

In my mind, I am saying, “Really!!”

Eventually, that one sided verbal and other sided telepathic conversation ends and I soon start to model all the goodies I bought.

I wear this gorgeous sequenced silver skirt and my mom goes, “O these are back!!  In my days, we loved wearing them.”

Then I try on a gold gown and she says she still has hers.

Same goes for my tie-back saree blouses or my ‘flared jeans’.

This really got me thinking.

Why is it that every time I get something which is ‘latest and trendy’, my previous generation or the one before that, has a glorious ‘déjà vu’ moment?

Are the designers really looking for inspiration in my mother’s and grandmother’s wardrobes?

Or is their attic ‘the go to place’?



My answer was-

Trends and Styles always come back, mainly because they worked well at the time they were introduced, and they are back with a little update and a little more zing.

It’s like people reinventing themselves. It’s the same person, but a bit more interesting.

Fashion trends work like a clock; the hands keep coming back to the same numbers after set intervals of time.

In this case it seems to follow a twenty year cycle (that’s what I read somewhere)

The best example is the ‘skinny jeans’ that keeps coming back in style, time and again. This is a trend that might never retire. Even if one was poured in it or the jeans stitched onto them, they make you feel pretty and glamorous. Moreover, they can be easily styled.

Long flowing skirts, flared trousers/jeans, animal prints, boots, platform heels, the cascading waves, the unkempt look, broad belts, gelled out hair, nude lips, Smokey eyes, men’s inspired tailored suits…. and the list goes on… these are all trends, some of which my mom followed, some were followed by my grandma, some I followed and some my daughter will for sure.



Fashion trends only last long if they are doable for all and if comfortable.

Maybe that’s the reason shoulder pads aren’t coming back!!

We don’t want to look like reincarnated   ‘He-Man.’

So, when it comes to fashion, is anything really new or a collage of past trends revamped?

Are all these big fashion houses giving us a remodelled version of the past?

If so, is our grandma‘s attic the best place to raid??

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