How to look good when unwell!

I wish on days I am not feeling well, I could laze around in my pajamas, keep sipping tea, watch unlimited television and not go out at all. But that rarely happen. Work doesn’t wait and nor can I avoid all social commitments.

I am a working mom with two kids and I can’t even think of staying at home and doing nothing for a day, especially a weekday.

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So, if I am unwell, and I have to hide my puffy eyes, my red nose and my dry skin, here is what I do:

  • I drink a little extra water to keep myself hydrated. I feel, on days when one is not well, we tend to get a little dehydrated for some reason and our skin shows that. I also carry a small bottle of water with me.

  • I take a long shower, but I make sure the water is not too hot, just tolerable. A really warm shower would dehydrate my skin more.

  • Moisturizing myself is a must for me on any day, but on these days, I use a little extra. When applying moisturizer on my face, I massage it for a bit. I feel my skin absorbs it better and also brings some color to my face. Moisturizing keeps my skin supple and bright.

  • If I have the time, I give my eyes a little spa treatment. I keep two used tea bags in the fridge for about 30 mins and then keep them on my eyes for about 15 mins. That reduces the puffiness and redness.

  • I do apply smudge proof kohl in my eyes and a lip balm with a little tint of color.

  • If I have an event or a function to attend, I need to use some makeup.  I use a cream based foundation to even out my skin, I combine my blush and bronzer to bring some color to my face (very mild) and I definitely apply some concealer around my eyes.

  • I use a lip balm on my lips and avoid any dark or bright lipstick. I use a neutral tone lipstick.

  • My eyes, I pay a little more attention to. I brighten it up with kohl, eyeliner and eye shadow.

Above all, I never ever forget to wear my smile. That’s the best makeup anyone can wear.

And there I am, good to go!!

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