It’s possible to wear high heels without pain!!

‘YES’   You heard me right.. It is possible to wear those enormous heels without the discomfort that comes along with it..

Let me start from the beginning..

High heels were the ‘first love of my life’!! And first love you don’t forget 🙂

I LOVE wearing them. Infact, some of my precious childhood memories are of me parading in my aunt’s and mother’s high heels, in front of the mirror (Yes, precious and beautiful, but also very painful.. I fell like a million times before I could take a few steps, and my feet really hurt after that.)

But, Love is Love, right??

I still wear them and my outfit is rarely complete without them..


My heels, I can’t do without, but the aches and pains that come with it, I certainly don’t want..


Heels are fantastic. They make you feel all glamorous and beautiful instantly. But there is no point of all this if this fairytale lasts for a bit, and the rest of the evening you are sitting in pain.

So, with a lot of trial and error, I came up with a few solutions, which I am going to share with you..

They will come in handy and will certainly make wearing heels a lot more easier..


So here are a few tips, from ‘Me to the beautiful You’:

  • Moisturise your feet well

    With feet being smooth and silky, there will be less friction as you move and you will not get blisters and burns. This will be your first victory over the anti-heel monster. (Use this tip before wearing any shoe.. Heel or no heel)

  • Find out your foot type

Your shoes, no mater what kind, have to be according to you foot type. I had certain foot aches and pains and I knew it was not just because of wearing heels. I visited a ‘Podiatrist’ and he told me what kind of feet I have and what to do to avoid those discomforts. Once you find out the foot type, you can take necessary precautions, (which the podiatrist will tell you). Don’t try finding out at home by taking wet foot impressions. Certain things should be left to doctors/specialists as they know best and that’s why they are there.

  • Get your foot size right

getting the foot size right is really important. Before buying a pair, get the ask the person helping you to in the store to check out foot size.. Also, foot size changes, an not just while you are growing up, but also when you are all grown up. Check it at least twice a year.

  • Pay attention to the shape of the your feet

Some of us have narrow feet, some have wide; some have smaller toes, while some might have long fingers.. There are so many variations.  If you have wide feet, I would advise not to wear closed tapered shoes. Wear wide front closed ones or open toe ones. Even those with smaller toes should opt for closed wide front shoes. The pointed front shoes will pinch your toes and will it very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, besides taking them off after an hour or so, there will be no other solution.

  • Block heels or platforms

Block heels and platforms are way more comfortable than pointed heels. I know nothing can match upto pencil heels, but with the whole creativity boom happening in the design industry, you will find styles and shapes that would catch your fancy. They are as trendy as any!

  • Extra cushions for thin soles

Shoes that have a thin sole, will, cause pain at the bottom of your feet. Get a foot/cushion  as that acts like a shock absorber. I really like the ones from Dr Scholls. They have one covering the whole back of the foot, which is ideal for thin sole shoes. Even the one that comes in two parts are good- one for the toes and one for the heels. For me, with these cushions, I can spend hours in my heels without pain.

Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous!
  • Rest your feet

Take a little rest every now and then while wearing heels. Stretch your feet a little. Your feet will get the break it needs..

  • Shoes with more support

Wearing heels with more top coverage or an ankle strap or both will be lot more comfortable. It provides additional support to the feet.

  • Buy foot inserts

Use foot inserts available in any shoe stores or try Dr Scholls products.. That and similar products are available on most shopping websites. Try getting the silicon ones, as that will stop your foot from slipping and moving around and prevent blisters and abrasions.

  • Precautions

–  Always do foot stretches after you take off the shoes (ask your doctor or simply search the web).

–  Ice pack on the ankles and back of the foot will take away the soreness.

–  Foot massage once in a while is a very good idea.

A suggestion I give to everyone, Please buy good quality shoes. This doesn’t mean expensive. Do a little research, read about them a bit and then buy.

Just wanted to share with you a few places I shop from.

They are






Hope these tips help you in wearing your favourite heels with lot more comfort!


Do read my story about my battle with heels from the series “Fumbling Catwalk”. Link is here:

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