Jet-lag- Not such a monster after all!!

I love to travel and fortunately my work takes me to a few places and some I travel with my partner.


What kills me is the jumping of time zones, the fatigue smacking me in my face, the body ache, the feeling of being hung over and my body clock going all berserk…


Plus, nothing destroys your skin, your hair, your eyes and your looks—quite like the dehydration and zombification that comes with hopping around the world

Not just me, I have seen so many around me fall apart while dealing with jet lag..

This got me thinking, there has to be a way to combat this monster called jet lag that greets us every time we cross the border..


The best way is to learn from listening to others experiences.

So, I asked these friends of mine, who travel around the world very frequently, and are so much better equipped with handling jet-lag than most..

What do they do, that the rest don’t?

I did a little chat session with them and this is what I found out..


Shahnawaz Kheraj



He is the most vivid traveller I have ever come across and this is what he had to say:

“1. Do your math!

Right before you get on the flight, set your clock to the timezone of the country you’re visiting and adjust your sleep schedule accordingly. If your estimated time of arrival is after sunset, make sure you’re awake through your travel time; and if it’s in the first half of the day, make sure you have your travel pillow handy so that you’re fresh as soon as you land!

2. Keep it clean! 

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. They may be free on your flight, but it’s a big no-no if you want to make sure the reins of your sleep cycle are in your hands.

3. Gadget detox!

Mind you, this is a tough one. The blue light from our phones and tabs affects levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin in our body which may worsen the jet lag. It may be wise to reduce your phone usage and put it off a while before you plan to crash.”

I would listen to him, for I have never seen him without that charming smile!! Travel or no travel..


Sunil Thomas, 

cofounder and CEO of CleverTap

Sunil is again someone who travels very frequently and most of his travels are between California and Mumbai, which is extremely long. Yet, I have never seen Sunil ever crib about being jet lagged or tired and that smile and positive aura is always there.. So, what is his secret??

“My best trick is to land at the destination at the best possible time, so you can get a good night sleep. A long flight tires you out anyways, so if you land at the destination say 6pm or so, get a good dinner along with a couple of drinks, shower and hit the bed you are almost guaranteed a solid night’s sleep. That puts you in great shape for work the next day. you have to resist the temptation to catch-up to work when you land (before bed etc) — else you will get carried away and lose your opportunity to get a good night’s sleep.. 

Also, lots of water to keep hydrated on every plane ride.”


Viraj Mahadevia 

Director, private equity

This is what he has to say,

“The day I have a long travel schedule, I try to get some evening exercise followed by a short nap before I take the late night flight.. I totally avoid alcohol and keep myself hydrated through out the flight. 

At times on a long flight, I do take a very small dose of melatonin(2mg), an hour or two before the bed time at the destination. This helps me get adequate sleep and I arrive feeling relaxed and well rested.”


Mini Mathur

TV Host

“Jet lag… I do an exhaustive run at night when I need to sleep and melatonin helps a lot.”

Well considering how gorgeous she looks and how high energy she is, she surely has her mantra right!!  


Prachie Hetamsaria

Program Manager


Prachie travels a lot between Seattle and Mumbai. This is how she deals with jumping time zones:

“ Get used to sleeping on flight rather than watching television

That helps you rest:)

I often take a glass of wine or 2 when I start the 20hr+ journey as that does help me unwind

I pick flights that travel during night times as that helps you unwind too.I use sleep aid – melatonin or Benadryl which helps me align my sleep cycles as well

I have to do that only when I fly back to US

When I am in India I continue to work US hours so never have the need.” 


Richard Teknath 

Managing Director

Jet Freight Logistics Ltd

Richard has an undying love for life and an infectious  passion for travel. He loves to go around the world for work, and for him no number of holidays with his family is enough. Yet, he never complains about jet lag and always has a smile on his face that would definitely make you smile back at him.

This is what he does to keep up with the extensive travel schedule:

“I read a long time back that jet lag can be combated with sunlight, cold shower and bright light. I try to keep myself active. 

If I am traveling at night, I do not sleep during the day and sync my schedule to the destination schedule.  

If I land at the destination in day time, I go for walk or do something to keep myself busy till night time.”


Urvashi Malhotra


Dolphin EMT Pvt Ltd

Urvashi, the new age entrepreneur, with a hectic schedule and too many travels…She is successful business woman and a mother of two..

“When I travel for work, i don’t expect my clients to wait for a day for me start work and when I land home, my kids need all my attention as I have been away. i have no place in this schedule to deal with jet lag. So I prevent it. I keep myself hydrated, I walk around the plane as often as I can and I always sync my schedule to the place I am travelling too. “

Well Urvashi has an energy level that would put a toddler to shame.. I definitely knows how to get it right!


Manik Dhodi

Head Real Estate 

Adidas India

When your idea of a good day means a good workout; 

when packing for a vacation means you make space for your running shoes and jumping rope;

When you choose gym over beer with your friends…

you are a fitness freak..

And manik is surely one of them.

Manik is a role model for thousands of marathon runners.. He is a pace runner, has the perfect body and always eats right.. 

when i was wondering how to tackle jet lag, I knew he would definitely know what to do and I am glad he shared his perspective.

“I would eat more fruits and grilled vegetables, and go for a long run before I sleep. Keeps me just fine from jet lag.

One should avoid gym workout with weights as the body reflexes go weak ‘cause of jet lag, and could cause accident.”


Supriyo Bose
Managing Director,
Catalonia Trade and Investment

Suprio travels non-stop all over the world. But our body never gets accustomed to jumping time zones. Yet, Suprio is always energetic and enthusiastic about everything in life, has so many interests, which he manages to pursue and is ever ready to take on more..
I have always wondered how he manages to be the energy bomb that he is!!
Well, here is the answer,

“Jetlag effects differently depending on which direction you are headed, but in my case, I try to always pick up an early morning flight so that I can reach my destination by day end. Once I reach my hotel at the destination, I go straight to bed post a light meal. One very important thing is that I avoid alcohol during long travels (At the most a glass of wine). My trick to effectively combat jetlag is stay hydrated, off alcohol and sleep early on the first day of my reaching anywhere.”

Cheers to you!


The most interesting way to deal with jet lag came from

Ruchi Maheshwari,

She says,
“I believe in prevention, not cure.. AAhar(food), Vihar(environment) and Vichar(thoughts) are very important.
While travelling, I work towards making the travel very comfortable. Before travel, I ensure that I get some sunlight and after reaching the destination too, I try to get some sun by being outdoors for as long as possible.
I do not compromise on my sleep as its during sleep that the liver cleans all the toxicity from the blood. As I cannot sleep in light, I always carry an eye patch with me. If flight is taking off late in the night, I nap in the evening for an hour or two, eat my dinner just before leaving for the airport. I always sleep in the flight, so i am well rested when I arrive.
While planning the trip schedule, I always keep a days gap between the day I land and the day the work starts. This helps me ease out my travel.
For me health always comes first and food is never compromised upon. Breakfast is lots of fruits, Lunch and dinner always has something raw along with normal food. I have pure lemon juice shot as this balances the alkaline levels in the body.”

Ruchi has a special travel kit that she carries with herself. This is what it has:

-hip flask full of lemon juice
-hip flask gull of ginger juice
-tulsi seeds (sabja)
-turmeric powder

She soaked these seeds in water for a few minutes ads ginger and lemon juice and drinks the mixture.

On the day she has to travel, Ruchi focusses on eating more raw food and less of grains

Ruchi Maheswari’s mantra to combat jet-lag is very unusual any extremely interesting. It was an absolute pleasure to speak to her about it.


Saakshi Arora
Luxomoda Pvt ltd


“I usually travel every extensively  for work and pleasure
Tips to avoid jet lag
– choose the flight times appropriately

– in case of long distance flights like US or Australia adapt to time zone of the city of arrival as soon as u board the plan

– setting ur watch to time accordingly on boarding the plane rather than on arriving

– stay hydrated and keep movements and stretching to avoid muscle spasm and cramping.”


Thanks Sakshi!

Mihir Modi

Chief Business Officer- Incubation and Investments.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited

Mihir, one person I have never seen tired or exhausted. He handles his travels better than any.

This is what he says,

“My mantra to get over jet lag is to sleep my way through. The moment I enter the flight, I make sure I am hydrated enough and I get ready to sleep. I try to get as much sleep as possible, irrespective of the time I land at the destination.. 

For me there is nothing like over rested. It’s being under rested that causes a problem and hinders in my work. 

If I have slept well, I land all relaxed and ready to get on with my work.”

He does make life sound very simple, doesn’t he?


Aditi Singh 

Corporate attorney at a Manhattan law firm 

Akabas & Sproule.

Who else would know how to deal with jet lag if not an American corporate lawyer..

Aditi rarely lets anything get in her way of success and this is her way of dealing with jet lag:

“Jet lag can be tough to battle, specially if you have back to back meetings the next morning. I try my best to schedule an evening flight. A strange room/bed, however comfortable, can put ones natural sleep cycle out of sync. I carry small things that remind me of Home and are a part of my regular sleep routine – my favourite lavender candle, an audio book on my iPhone if my eyes are too tired to read. Hydration is the key to avoiding fatigue on a long flight.”

Thanks Aditi for sharing this with us..


Gopal khetan

Managing director

NovaDhruva capital private limited 

“Over the last several years of traveling to various continents I have realised the best way to minimise jetlag is to avoid doing an overnight stay and try to return the same day. 

So as an example I would have done atleast 50 day trips to London and Newyork, where you land in the morning at 6 am, get ready either in the flight or the airport lounge and then you do meetings between 8 am to 6 pm and finally take the overnight flight back to Mumbai 

This approach is very efficient as you maximise your business day, don’t waste any time and also avoid any jetlag. Key is the ability to sleep on the flight 

Always remember the jet lag hits you on day 2 and by then in my case I am back in the bay.

It is not always possible to do this but I have learnt from my boss that this is the best approach to be effective and efficient with overseas travel.”

Thanks gopal..

Well, these people surely taught us a lot..


Albert Einstein said

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

And rightly so…

Now let me give you my take on ‘Preventing Jet lag’


1. Relax your schedule. Don’t be too rigid about with how you go through your day.

2. Sleep well before you have to fly.

3. Plan your flight in a way that you don’t reach your destination at night.. You would have slept in the flight and will not be able to sleep then..

4. Avoid alcohol.. It  will increase tiredness and cause dehydration, making it even harder to beat the inevitable jet lag.

5. Avoid caffeine. They will affect your ability to sleep and increase jet lag recovery time.

6. Set your watch to the time of the destination. But do this only after you have boarded the flight… Please!!

7. Walk as frequently as you can on the flight. This keeps the blood circulation going. Buy a pair of flight socks and don’t worry if they look horrible. You will get off the flight looking much better.

8. Eat your all three meals synced to the time of the destination. This will give your body clock a head start.

9. Get some sun before and after the flight.

10. If you cannot take short naps, don’t take any after arrival. 

Hope this will help you prevent jet lag and make your trip a relaxed one..

Do write to me if you require any help..

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