My ten minute hair styles!!

We all have extremely busy schedules, where we are squeezing in 38 hours of work in 24 hours.

We are multi-tasking;  managing works, careers, family, house, pets, relative, friends and a million other things……

Well, my routine is pretty similar to this..

I wish I got up with stunning hair every day or after every wash, my hair would just miraculously look gorgeous. Unfortunately that never happens and I rarely find the time to do an elaborate style.


Since bad hair is also not acceptable to me, I needed my quick fix.. With trial and error and with years of experience, I came up with a few hairstyles that are quick and easy and look good..




All I do here is, after washing, I take the hair from the sides and pin it up at the back. Then with my fingers, I comb out the rest of the hair. I prefer putting a hydrating serum or an anti-frizz lotion on my hair while it’s still wet. This keeps my curls soft and hair shiny.





This is one of the easiest styles and works well with most outfits. i spray some hydrating serum on the hair and comb it out well. Make sure no knots are there. With my fingers, I start bringing my hair upwards, till I reach the spot where I want to make the bun.  I twist my hair gently to form the bun and put it in place with a few pins. If I am feeling a little dressy, I put a flower or some pretty accessory on the bun. Certainly one of my favorite hairstyles and so quick; I can do this with my eyes shut! 🙂



All I do here is put my hair up in a bun with a clip (a very rough clump), I wear long earrings and cover the messy hair with a hat. Quick, easy and very glamorous!!



This style is quick, but not as quick as the rest. In this, I spray on my hair something to protect it from heat which my hairstylist recommends and rub it through the hair. I use a straightening iron. I don’t straighten each strand separately, as it would take a lot of time, but divide the hair in 4 parts and quickly run the iron through each part. Then I take the front hair, comb it to make a flat strip, bend my head down to let that hair strip fall down and run the straightening iron over it again. I flip back the hair and let it cool. By the time I switch off the iron and put things in place, the hair has cooled down. I comb it and it’s all done. I never put the iron setting to highest temperature, but keep it low.

This style might not be easy for anyone with really curly hair. With my hair, which is wavy, I manage.




On really bad hair day, this is my life saver. I make a high pony tail, use a thick rubber band as I feel it give the pony a little more bounce and I am all done. If I put my sun glasses over my head, even the small frizzy bit is taken care of.




The day I wash my hair at night, I use my sponge curlers. While my hair is still damp, I put these curlers on (number of curlers depends on how wavy I want my hair) and cover my hair with a hair net and sleep. In the morning, when I take out the curlers, my hair is nice and wavy and all I need to do is run my fingers through it.

this style is so stress free; I gets lovely curls and my hair is unharmed. No electric gadgets. No chemical sprays.

Try his hairstyles, and I am sure once you get the hang of it, you will love them and find them as easy and convenient as I do.

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