Olive oil- the road to beautiful you!

Olive, the tradition tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin, has history going back to more than 6,000 years.

 The ancient Greeks believed that Olive was a gift from Goddess Athena to mankind, and therefore gave it religious importance.

The Greek poet, Homer called it ‘liquid gold’ and in 6th to 7th century BC, it was an offence to cut down olive trees.

And there are so many other stories attached to it.

With an interesting history like this, no wonder olive continues to fascinate us and hold our interest and our imagination.

Known for its exceptional antioxidant properties, oil has a special place in health and beauty industry.

Let me tell you about some of it uses:

1. Intense moisturizer


Romans are said to have covered themselves with olive oil after bath and they are definitely known for their beauty, apart from other things. Olive oil is light weight and it gets absorbed in the skin easily. Use it all over your body and face, massage a little and wash off after 20 minutes. You can very easily use it as massage oil too. The vitamin E in olive oil protects skin from inflammation and diseases.

2. Anti-ageing and rejuvenating mask


As history says it, the first anti-ageing mask was made for Cleopatra, who till now is considered the epitome of beauty. Oil olive makes for a very important component in anti-ageing masks.

  • Mixed with a little brown sugar, it’s a scrub that softens skin.

  • Mixed with a pinch of rock salt, it brings a shine to your face.

  • Mixed with avocado, it improves skin quality.

  • Mixed with tomatoes, it acts as a detoxifying mask.

3. Make-up remover

Olive oil is gentle on the skin and its super high moisturizing aspect makes for a real good makeup remover. Dip cotton generously in olive oil and clean your face. Not only does your face get rid of makeup, it also will be well moisturized.

4. Under Eye cream

We often have dark circles or puffiness around our eyes due to so many factors. With age, wrinkles first start to appear at the corner of our eyes. This can be cured with taking few drops of olive oil and massaging around the eyes at night. It makes the skin soft, gets rid of dark circles and puffiness and prevents wrinkles from appearing.

Before massaging the area around the eyes, try potato mask. Peel and shred a medium size potato, divide into two portions, put it around the eye for 15 minutes. Keep the eyes closed for this time. Remove the shreds after 15 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth gently. Massage with olive oil. Try for 2 weeks and the results will be phenomenal.

5. Prevents pimples or blackheads

Olive oil, cause of its light texture, doesn’t block pores and gets absorbed in the skin very well. This prevents pimples and blackheads and dry patches from developing.

6. A magic portion for hair

  • Olive oil mixed with egg yolk is the perfect mask for promoting hair growth. All u need to do is apply this mask and leave for 30 minutes and wash off. Egg has protein that is required for hair growth and olive oil has vitamin D.

  • Vitamin D in olive oil prevents hair loss.

  • A hair massage with olive oil for 10 minutes, twice a week will leave your hair shinier and stronger.

  • Olive oil moisturizes the scalp and helps fight dryness and itchiness, another cause for unhealthy hair and hair fall. It also is a good conditioner for hair. After applying the oil, wrap your hair in warm towel for 5 minutes. Repeat this twice or thrice. After washing you will have smoother and silkier hair.

  • The nutrient present in olive oil prevents pre-mature greying.

  • It makes frizzy hair lot more manageable. Take a few drops on your palm and run through your hair and comb.

7. Foot cream

Use it at night as a foot cream and it will leave your feet all soft and pretty.

8. Eyes

If applied regularly on eyebrows and lashes, it promotes their growth. Please do not apply inside the eye. Always use very little quantity and use your finger tips to rub it and then spread on the eyebrows and lashes.

9. Nails

The vitamin E in olive oil will get rid of brittle and dull nails. Apply it every day and soon you will have long shinny healthy looking nails. It also makes nails grow faster.


10. Carrier oil

Essential oils are concentrated and cannot be used directly on the skin. Olive oil is the perfect carrier oil for them.

11. Lip balm

Using olive oil on lips will get rid of chapped and dry lips and within a week they will look healthy and baby soft.

12. Healthy cooking

Olive oil has so many vitamins and nutrients and it’s so light, it makes the perfect substitute for your cooking oil. Don’t over heat the oil. Its light on the stomach and food digests well. Use it as a salad dressing too. It’s really tasty.


Try making olive oil a key ingredient in your daily life.

You will save a lot of money and will have better results.

I have tried it and now I am hooked to it.

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  • Great info! Olive oil is great for our skin. I have been using it on my face as a cleanser and moisturizer. It keeps my skin moisturized and helps maintain a kind of freshness. In my opinion olive oil is better for dry skin. It hydrates and feels a bit lighter than coconut oil to me. Thanks for sharing.