Fashion industry has always been a lot talked about. 

“FuMbliNg CaTwalk” is a series of stories that I write about fashion. They have a little bit of Satire, a little bit of exaggeration, some irony  and a lot of humour. 

These stories are my take on the new trends and styles and the ever so glamorous fashion industry!!

Hope you enjoy reading them. I promise to keep you entertained with them as often as I can!

-Divya Singh Vishwanath


I love my gym schedule.. I go there everyday… But somewhere between the steam room, the massage room and the coffee room, the room with exercise machines always gets ignored…


While I was going on with my life, diligently following my gym schedule, oblivious to how the world was suffering, I had an eye opening experience..

I was in the massage room, and the lady in the next chamber was talking about how she manages to eat all high fat junk and still not gain weight…

Well, this seemed like she had found the ultimate formulae which every human was looking for!!

Why was she not competing with Jeff Bezos for the richest person in the

I shamelessly decided to eavesdrop and was soon enlightened that after eating junk, if you go to the bathroom and stick a finger down your throat, a really gross incident happens and you are calorie free…

I was speechless.. Reaction-less….


The memories of overhearing previous conversations similar to this horrifying one came rushing back to me.. Some memories were of someone taking some organ destroying pills, some going on  water diet, someone getting their stomach stitched, surgical fat removal, pumping your body with laxatives…………………………

So many stories.

This got me thinking….



Is this how we deal with weight-loss…. with fitness….. with being healthy… Looking good????


Is the battle between our tastebuds, insatiable stomach and our health, being dealt with in the right way???

Over the last numerous years of my interaction with people, I have rarely come across a lady who was body happy..  They had some complain or the other with some part of their ever so gorgeous self…


I asked my self why? 


Is it that the magazines and billboards are ruining our self esteem ?? 


Is it that what we see on the ramp and fashion magazines or on the huge screens of theatres, programming our minds to ape them?


If we so badly want to look good and stay fit, are these extreme measures necessary?

The answer for all was


The weight-loss industry is a multi -billion dollar industry, and mainly cause we don’t control what we eat and moving around is too much of a hassle.… 

We genuinely believe that calories are these small evil rodents that hide in our closets and make our clothes smaller very night ……



“CARBS” are monsters that need to be avoided……….. Healthy eating is eating tasteless food and watch what others eat……..

Well!  How about some creativity!!!

I tend to go on diets pretty often( have to for my love for food always gets the better of me)..

But after listening to the story of the finger lady, I started to pay more attention to those on diets…

And I couldn’t fail, but notice that all of us ‘dieters’ have a few things in common..

“The world connives against us.. 

Delicious food magically appears in front of us or people just land up at our houses or office with copious amount of scrumptious food, that we are obliged to eat… 

When we try to look for a parking, we only get one in front of a bakery or an ice cream parlour or waffle stand..Its rude to not buy from there and a crime to not eat what we bought.

How can we refuse a wedding or a birthday cake, and not to take a couple of more helping of those is an insult to the host. 

Chocolates are made of coco and that makes it a vegetable!!”

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As rightfully said,


“Some people who have been working out regularly for months or even years are still out of shape because the number of cheat days they have in a week exceeds six.” 

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

We perpetual dieter have these ‘DIET MANTRAS’ that we religiously follow:

1. When no one sees you eating, its as good as not eating at all.

2. Tasting food is not eating, irrespective of the portions.

3. Popcorns are made of corn. Corn gets used in salad. popcorn is salad.

4. Eating half the batter while baking for your kids is ok. those calories don’t count.

5. It’s the color what matters. Eating many ice cream is same as eating spinach.

6. Chocolates- those calories don’t count.

7. Calories are measured in heat units. So frozen foods have no calories..

8. If we don’t note down a few meals in our diet journal, its as good as not eating that meal.

9. Hiding inside the blanket or in the bathroom and eating is ok.. Those calories don’t count..

10. It’s totally normal for weighing scales too add a few kgs.. And water weight can be a lot…

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This is just us being us and I love us just the way we are.

If you want my view,

Stick to your mantra, stick to you beliefs, eat that slice of pizza and that quarter of a cake… 

But in your daily routine add a bit of exercise and some fruits and fibres in your diet. 

Go fetch that glass of water yourself… 

Take the stairs instead of the elevator …….

And smile at yourself everyday …

Be body confident…

Love yourself..

You are beautiful

you are gorgeous

you are special…

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise..

As Oscar Wilde so beautifully said

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”



“P.S.  Still love your food and love life :)”

Divya Singh Vishwanath
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