Rainy Days and Beauty regime!

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”   

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The monsoon season is here and it brings with itself freshness in the air, with thundering clouds and random lightning and an outburst of greenery around us.

Ooh! Don’t we just love the rains….


But with all the beauty associated with it, there is a big spoiler alert- ‘The havoc it plays with or beauty regime!’

Our skin falls in love with aches all over again (no idea why?); We deal with sudden spurts of dry skin and oily skin; Our beautiful tame hair goes rouge and we have to deal with fizzy hair to limp and lifeless hair and the beautiful bouncy pony tail now resembles an untidy furry ball!!

But should we let these get in our way of staying stylish while it pours??

Absolutely not!


As we all know, every problem has a solution..

And here is the solution to enjoy the beauty that the ‘Monsoon Season’ brings with style ..

Humidity is the main reason for most of the issues we face during this time.


High humidity levels cause the hair to absorb a lot of moisture and this makes straight hair wavy and curly hair frizzy, causing us all to feel extremely frustrated and have a little breakdown every time we try to comb our hair.

Remedy– Don’t let the hair absorb the moisture.. How will you do it?

Use 3 to 4 drops of olive oil or a mixture of Jojoba oil and Almond oil, and spread it evenly on your hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry when you do this. Comb your hair thoroughly to make sure it has spread well.

If you don’t want to or can’t use these oils, buy an anti-frizz serum which your hair stylist recommends.


Also, don’t wash your hair every day. Use a mild shampoo, 2 to 3 times a week, and condition your hair well. Let the conditioner stay in your hair for a few minutes before you wash it.

Pimple breakouts

High humidity levels cause skin to breakout into pimples.

Remedy– Don’t use harsh ingredients on your skin. Ask your dermatologist for a natural treatment. Oily skin needs a natural cleanser to remove the extra oil from the skin and unclog the pores. For dry skin, the best option is natural oils.

More chemicals will do your already struggling skin no good.


High humidity levels prevent the sweat from drying easily. Thus, the body odor.

Remedy– Use an anti-bacterial talc, shower twice a day with lukewarm water because hot water will make you sweat more, and avoid synthetic fabrics. Wear as much cotton as possible.


High humidity levels often lead to skin infections, breakouts and other skin issues.

Remedy– Have a bath at least twice a day. Use anti-bacterial soap; even neem or lemon based soaps are good. Use neem oil, 2 to 3 drops after bath on affected areas. Get frequent manicures and pedicures.

Wash your hands and feet frequently (especially if you have stepped out) and dry them thoroughly.

If any infection persists for more than a few days, consult a doctor. Wading through rain water can leave you with some real nasty infections, so might as well get treatment on time.

A piece of advise– Every skin type is different, so there is no ‘One solution for all.’ But with a little trial and error, you will get the right balance. Once you have that, make it a permanent part of your daily routine and then, the monsoons will not be a monster any more.

It’s not easy, but it’s not tough either.

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