RED- The color I so love!!

Red, the color so beautiful, even carrying a red bag would turn heads.

I have so often heard that red is symbolic for power, for passion, for nobility.

But for me, ‘RED’ means positivity, happiness, a little bit of spring under my feet and a belief that all will go well.

You will very often see me wear red in some form or the other; it could be as little as a red lipstick or red shoes or even a red clutch. It’s just that, carrying this color makes me happy.

Every time I have worn red, I have the song, “The lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh, playing in my mind; especially these lines:

……The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek
There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me
It’s where I want to be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I’ll never forget the way you look tonight……

Red is also my ‘go to color’; I am at a loss of what to wear, I choose red. And it works, every single time.

It works if it’s a formal dinner; it works if it’s a fun lunch with friends or family; it works if it’s a casual get together; it works if it’s tea with colleagues…. Any situation, Red works for me.

Let me show you, how I wear my Reds…..

1. When I wore Red  for a formal evening.

The dress is from AND; Black stilettos from Steve madden; Watch from Rado; A multi colored bracelet from an exhibition in Mumbai;

Makeup is restricted to light foundation, Smokey eyes and a light tone lipstick.(I never overdo makeup with a dress)  

2. When I wore red for lunch with friends

Dress is from And; Boots from Forever 21;  Gold color beaded necklace from a street vendor on Linking Road,Mumbai;  Sun glasses from Vogue. Again, makeup was minimal- a tinted sunscreen, little bit of blush and a glossy lip balm

3. When I wore red for a fun evening with friends

Skirt is from Marks & Spencer; Silk top from Elle; Apple watch; Heels from Tommy Hilfiger; Black hoops from S V Road, Mumbai; Bag from Kate Spade; A black and white crystal bangle; My makeup was a little more than usual, just to give a dramatic look..

4.When I wore red for tea (a semi-formal event)

A printed cotton, asymmetrical dress; small studs for ears; hand embroidered heels from Calonge; I used a cream based foundation, bronzer to bring color to my cheeks and a red lipstick.

For me, red has worked every time. I am sure it would work for any of you as well.

Call it crimson, call it coral, call it scarlet, rosy or wine; Red is a color that brings happiness, smile and grace.

Try wearing RED; I am sure you’ll look fabulous. If it’s too much for you to wear a red dress, start with a red accessory first, like a bag, a clutch or shoes. You’ll soon fall in love with it too.

Any help, I am there.

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  • REd is my alltime favorite color indeed. Am in love with this color from ages

    • Thanku hina