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My this post is about ‘the summer wardrobe’; What to wear this summer season. It’s a little elaborate, so that I can show you all the styles and combinations for all kinds of outings and of course for the coming summer holidays!.

Summer is here and is here with a bang!

While we so want to thaw ourselves after the winter chill has left our body frozen, we also know what the barbecue inducing temperature can do to us and our sense of dressing..


Be it office wear or party wear or casual outing, we need to look good always, and to do so, we need to be comfortable in what we wear.


The scorching summer sun causes us to sweat, get dehydrated and even break out into a heat rash. However, these problems can be dealt with by wearing the right clothes and dressing smart.

So here are some tips from me to you, to rock the summer look:

  1. Stick to cotton fabrics.Cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate into the air, thus discouraging the growth of bacteria and yeast. It’s the perfect fabric for summer, as it keeps us cool and prevents infections. Please avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible, because synthetic fabrics do not breathe  and when you sweat, the sweat doesn’t dry.

2. Wear lighter colours. Light shades keep you cool, because they reflect most of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. Dark fabrics absorbs these rays and makes you feel even hotter.

3. Wear loose clothes. In summer, blood vessels tend to dilate for the body to cool itself by letting heat escape through your skin. Loose clothes allow the body to do so

4. Wear sun screen always. Sun rays really damage your skin. apply sunscreen always, before leaving the house.

5. Hydrate yourself. Always drink a glass of water before leaving home and carry water with you.

Nothing tackles summer heat better than hydration.Add a few drops of lemon juice to it if you want. It will make you feel fresh.

6. Make sure your cooling drink comes out of a fruit or a nut and not a can. 

With these essential tips done with, let’s now talk about styles to flaunt this summer.


Nothing says you are summer ready better than Whites.

A white shirt, a white T-shirt and a white kurta is a must for summer wardrobe. Combine them with different colors and and accessories and you get so many different outfits out of them.

These two outfits are perfect for summer wardrobe.

First, a flared sleeve white cotton top is worn with denims. The green belt, green bag, green neckpiece and green sandals add a spark of color. This outfit can be worn for casual lunches, shopping trips, day out with friends and family and even formal get togethers.

Second, is a cotton white kurta worn with orange tights. This outfit can be worn for all casual outings, and for office wear and formal meetings.

White surely rocks the summer look!!

A white straight cut dress worn with pink gladiator sandals and paired with brown bag and a hat.

I love wearing hats in summers. They protect me from the sun, my skin stays safe, I feel cooler and it adds a lot of style and glamour to how I look.

This white linen dress is ideal summer afternoon formal/party wear.

I wore it with pink heels and pink bag. You may try some other brighter color. Will look fabulous.

White on white, It’s always very elegant and very stylish. Wear a coloured neckpiece or a scarf around the neck to break the monotony.. it can be used as informal wear as well as office wear.

You really can never go wrong with white on white..

And back to my ‘Denims and Whites’. Nothing beats this on a warm summer day!


Be it hosiery, denim or printed cotton, these make the best fun wear for summer fun.


A printed cotton sundress for a casual outing.

A chiffon knot dress for party wear.

Nothing works better for a formal/party wear than black dress.

The ‘Little Black Dress’ to party all night long in. If its shimmer, even better.

A brown linen dress for casual outings.

They make for great party and formal wear!

Love this cotton ombre dress. makes for perfect afternoon dressing..

Yellow, definitely color for the season. Accessory it appropriately to use it as casual or formal wear.




Cotton pants/trousers paired with a stylish top/shirt, can take you from fun drinks with friends to coffee with clients to an elaborate party.


A fitted skirt with loose denim top, Very stylish and very chic..

A white skirt paired with knitted cotton top and a statement scarf.

Its a very stylish summer look. wear it for work, to office meeting, lunch out with friends… Choice is yours.

Hope these tips and suggestions helped you out in deciding your wardrobe for summers.  


Do write to me if you need any advise or have any queries.

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