Shorts & Winters do go together: Here are some ways to find out ‘HOW”?


We love to wear shorts in summers… Don’t we??

Most annoying thing about the weather turning cold is the whole ‘Summer shorts’ wardrobe we have to pack away.. Well, you really don’t have to do that. Styled appropriately, they make extremely chic attires for winters. Casual or formal, paired correctly, they are true trend setters.

Plus, they do break up the usual pattern of winter dressing of pants and woollen dresses and skirts. Right!

It’s always good to be seen in something different. Something that breaks the uniform and make us look fabulous and makes us fall in love with life a little bit more..

So here I am, telling you a few ways to wear your shorts in winters:


I love the idea of pairing denim shorts with blacks and greys and adding a color burst with green accessories. The black stockings and calf high black boots will keep you warm and toasty and if the grey sweatshirt is not enough to fight the chill, use a heavier/warmer layer in the same color on top of it. Green Kashmiri weave silk scarf and the green leather bag add a splash of color.


This makes up for perfect Monday morning look. Wear the denim shorts with a neutral sweater and use an earthy shade for a stole. Same tone bag and boots, and you are all set for the cold day!!



Denims with knee high boots, a bright orange scarf and a neutral top, gives a very effortless look .



Over-the-knee boots (the shoe of the season) to keep your legs extra warm and no one will know the s0cks you wear underneathJ.  The sweatshirt, scarf and the jacket will keep you feeling warm and toasty.

Well thought of ‘layering’ is very important. It will keep you warm and it will hide all that needs to hidden…



Wear dark denim shorts with heels, a loose shirt and black long jacket and opaque stockings. It’s a semi-formal look and looks stylishly appropriate.



The perfect look for a warm winter day: semi-sheer stockings with denims and a shirt. If it’s still chilly, wear something fitted and warm inside the shirt. The stocking and the boots are enough to keep the legs warm and comfortable.


While I was on a look out for clothes, I came across something that’s called “Skorts”. They apparently have been around for quite some time (ignorant me) and I feel they look amazing.. If it’s sunny outside, wear a nice hat or carry an umbrella.

Skorts paired with over the knee boots, opaque stockings and sweater are a show stopper.

Definitely one of my favorites!



If really cold, wear a long heavy coat..



An extremely casual and fun outfit. Yellow shorts and yellow bag; denim /blue shirt with blue shoes. Love the way they work so well with each other.

The stockings keep you warm. Wear something warm inside the shirt, and you are ready for a day of fun with friends.

This is totally a day time outfit




One could attend a casual lunch in this and win all the compliments.



Everything bright!

 A day time dressing for winters.



 Shimmer stockings, heels and a warm sweater, they do well to get u all party ready!!


Black long coat, with black shirt, opaque stockings, black calf length boots, black glasses and black beanie for mono chrome look.. And pink shorts to break that look 🙂 


Another good way to wear shorts is to wear them with stylish jackets and boots to keep warm.



Buttoned shorts to give a casual and stylish look.


The reflectors!! And why not??



Buttoned shorts can be paired with dark tights, thick jacket and high boots.


Wear shorts with a stylish shift or a poncho and wear opaque tights/stockings. Footwear choices can be multiple, from high boots to ankle boots to slip-ons, anything that goes well with what you choose and keeps you warm.

Awaken the ‘DIVA’ in you.

The most important tip anyone can give you is to ‘Stay warm’. Anyone shivering with goosebumps can never look good, no matter how stylish your clothes are.

Use ‘Layering’ to keep yourself warm. If you don’t want to look too bulked up with thick jackets and coats, wear fitted thermals and high neck fitted sweaters. While layering, never use a tighter layer over a lose layer. It will just make you look shabby and badly dressed. The key to effective and stylish layering is to make sure the layer gets looser as we keep adding on and not the other way round.

Wear thermal stockings.

Use leg and hand warmers. You get them in so many colors and styles.



So, as we enter in the midst of winters, stay warm and stay stylish. Get your shorts out and get your trendsetter look ready.

If you feel like, do send me your pictures on how you wore shorts in winters. I’ll love to see them and if ok with you, post them on my blog, my Facebook page and my Instagram account.


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