Why Celebrate Valentines Day the usual way?

Since I got to know what Valentines Day is, all I associate with this day is Red roses, gifts packed in red paper, champagne, lingerie and expensive candle light dinners!!! Everything red, Everything heart shaped and Everything about how much money has been spent!!

This got me thinking…

Hasn’t this gotten too repetitive? A little too cliche…

Do people really like this or is it that the whole heart and cards drama has become a habit.. 

Is there a craving inside each one of us to break out of the ‘typical mould’ and do something new, but the lack of that ‘something new’ stops us….

Well, it shouldn’t.. 

Valentines Day is about showing the love of your life how precious they are and letting the significant other know how significant they are.. Expression of love is always precious and, according to me, it would become priceless if it was something new and something out of the ordinary..

So here are a few idea that would ensure that your sweetheart feels extra special, for you have gone an extra mile for her/him…

1. A hike and a picnic

Plan a hike around the area you live and carry a picnic basket.. Always carry happy things in the basket and keep it simple…

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A cake that both of you like(definitely icing free), A bottle of wine or any drink you both enjoy, adequate quantity of water, fruits, sandwiches, paper plates, paper napkins, cutlery(disposable or not your choice), a blanket and chocolates. Remember, an organised partner always gets an extra reward at the end of the day. Keep the quantity small as you have to walk a lot and no romantic gesture can justify cranky behaviour.

If the weather around is a bit chilly, carry an extra blanket and a book to cuddle and read together.

2. A staycation

If you have kids, send them to your parents place or plan a sleep over with their friends. You can always return the favour the coming weekend.

Send you pets too to holiday homes, and for those with live in staff, give them a day off…

A staycation is the most romantic thing you can plan, if done well. 

Always wear pretty and attractive night clothes, and this is for both the partners. 

Get up late, smile at each other. Start the day with exchanging cards. Bake something together. You might want to plan it before hand..

Watch a movie, eat popcorn, play a board game, organise an indoor picnic for two, have bath together, give each other a massage, have a naked meal, and a cocktail or a Mocktail in the evening while talking your heart out is a must..

3. Play tourist

There is something extremely romantic about old tourist sites.

Every city has some tourist attraction in the city or nearby…

Play tourist for a day… Plan the places you might want to go and just walk around..

It could be smallest of things, like an old garden or a ancient temple or a church…

It is incredibly romantic to walk around them and then roam the streets holding hands and discovering local cuisine and artefacts..

It surprising how most of us know so little about the cities we live in and areas around those cities. 

Just incase you have done this touristy bit before, pretend its all new and do it again.. 

If you have kids, get family or friends to babysit them for a few hours.

4. A blind date

Thrill and adventure always bring a lot of romance and excitement in our lives.. Over time, somewhere the thrill tends to go down a few notches. Bring it all back..

Go on a (pretend) blind date with each other..
Both of you decide a common theme of dressing and pick a bar or a pub where you would meet. Go there separately and then find each other as if you met for the first time.. At times a bit of drama is what is needed in out lives. A little bit of flirting and excitement and this day would be memorable for both of you..

5. An All Night Long Date

Take a long nap in the afternoon so that you can be awake at night. Go out at 12 and see the city at night.. Visit the shops and store that are open at night or pack something light to nibble upon and something to drink..

In the moon light, any city looks beautiful and it would be the first time you would experience something like this..
Simply lying down with your partner and looking at the stars can be so wonderful.
Please be careful. Do this only if you stay in a safe city..

6. A casino trip

Plan a date in the casino. It’s a lot of fun.

Always, always fix a budget that is comfortable for both of you. When we are happy and in an elevated state, we tend to take not so wise decisions. So be smart and fix a budget to gamble with. If you win, spend the money. If you lose, it would be money spent on a fun evening. All romance flies out of the window if one part of you is lamenting over the money you spent which you couldn’t afford to..

7. Go dancing


If you both love to dance, go dancing. What better way to spend Valentines day than this..

8. A day at the farm

Plan to spend a day at some farm or a farmer’s market, where you can do some activity together. Its something new and something exciting..

9. New hobby

Start something new that both of you like to do and promise to carry on with it till next Valentines Day.. It could be as small as a walk everyday for 30 mins with each other or having morning coffee/tea with each other or a weekly dinner or any physical activity… This is the best gift a couple can give as its a gift that would last a life time..

10. A beach holiday

If circumstances and finances allow you, plan a holiday around this time.. Go to a place near the beach and be with each other.. Do all that you have always wanted to do and do not enter into an argument at all.. 

Work really really hard towards making your partner happy..

Go out drinking, dancing, book a couple spa, walk on the beach holding hands and the list is never ending…..

11.  A masquerade Ball

Up the romance and mystique level by attending a masquerade ball.  Insist on wearing masks and follow the dress code.. Make it as dramatic as possible.. Something about masks and feathers that make things extra special..


Sharing a personal experience.. My best date till now with my partner has been the masquerade ball. 

This is something, all must know.


‘What you should not do on a date.’


Do not go to a fancy restaurant and spend the evening.. Biggest date killer after cellphones.


Do not carry cellphones. No one wants a distracted date.


If you do carry your phone, put it on silent and answer it only if its a life and death situation.


Do not talk shop. Keep your date as the highlight of the day/evening.


Do not yawn. None wants to feel that they are boring.


 Don’t smoke. Kissing an ashtray is no fun.


Don’t get drunk.. Valentines day should not end with your partner taking you to bed slurring and throwing up..


Be respectful and attentive. After all who doesn’t like feeling special!


Most important point:    Stop when the lady says ‘NO’.

Celebrating Valentines day is a beautiful tradition….


Many say,  “Why should 14th February be the day to express love; One should do it every day.”


I say, Why not dedicate a day to love; For if there is just love in the world, won’t our world be a lot better place??



So go, celebrate this day in the best perfect way you can, for there is no harm in expressing love for the one you love..


Be innovative, use your imagination and do something new!!

Do write to me about how you celebrated this day..



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