Why I’ll never travel without my green sandals?

Not very long ago, in the scorching Delhi heat, I made a trip to Sarojini Nagar Market. ‘SN’, as commonly known, is a must do for me, whenever I am in Delhi. Stylish clothes, bags, trendy shoes, beautiful jewelry, you name it and they have it; and all at killer prices.

Deep in my thoughts of the treasures I was going to discover, I walked into a small shoe store. There were shoes, shoes and even more shoes and I was in paradise. Tucked in a corner, I spotted this beautiful green sandal, which surprisingly fitted me (I am blessed with exceptionally big feet) and I knew, this was about to become my favorite pair.

Off I was on a holiday next month and I took my ‘favorite pair’.

Every time I wore them, I smiled.

This is how I paired my green sandals with my clothes:

White cut work dress from Sarojini nagar; scarf from linking road; bag was gift from a friend ; glasses from Christian Dior; sandals- my favorite.

Hat from Marks and Spencer; glasses from forever 21; earrings from lifestyle; knot dress; and green sandals.

White linen dress; glasses from Miu Miu; bag Steve Madden; green sandals.

My green sandal goes beautifully with my blue cotton dress and the mural on the wall.

Every time I wore these Green Sandals, I had people coming up to me, complimenting me and asking me where I got them from..

They looked so good.. And were so comfortable!!

Real ‘Show Stoppers’.

So, to all those reading this,

keep the painter in you alive, always!

You never know when you spot a color

that would brighten up a painting


make your reflection in the mirror wink, or even blow a whistle 😉


Any help, I am there.

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