I wanted to be a part of the fashion industry since I was ten, maybe younger! I remember playing with fabrics, designing my own clothes and playing dress up with my mother’s and aunts jewelry. It drove my mother a little crazy with all the accessories and cuts and textures I would constantly talk about; I always had an opinion on what, any of the ladies in my house wore or bags and shoes they carried. As I grew up, the high school dream started to manifest into reality. So, here I am, a style coach, something I feel I was always meant to be.

People always ask me question about what I do – so I have tried to break down a few things for you about ‘STYLE COACHING’.

Why is ‘Style Coaching” important?

A style coach is personal stylist, an image consultant, a personal shopper, makeup consultant, hairstyle consultant and of course a life coach, all rolled in one. I am a style coach and I tell you what clothes to buy; what to wear and when to wear; accessories that go with specific outfits and occasions; how to use makeup and how much of it to use; what shade and tones would make you look good; what hairstyle would look good and how to maintain it; techniques to compliment your shape, personality and taste; how to present yourself to the world; and a lot more. I help you become more confident and provide you tools to find your own style rhythm, and yet keep ‘YOU’ still alive in how you look.

Why does one need a style coach?

How we look really affects how we feel. There are times when we stare at our wardrobes, not knowing what to wear; really hoping that somehow we could change the way we carry ourselves. While we have this whole confusion going on in our minds, we have no idea how to go about doing this. This is where I, as a style coach, come in the picture. I will help you look your best always – whether it’s at work, at a party or at home; I will teach you how to bring out the inner style from within. We all have these limiting thoughts and beliefs that impact our confidence and self-image, thus hampering how we perceive ourselves. I will help you get rid of these limiting thoughts and beliefs and bring out a more confident, stylish and a more empowered you.

Why is it so important to look good?

I truly believe that a person is a lot more than what the reflection in the mirror says. But, we all know that when we walk into a room, the first impression is formed immediately on how we look. So why not make that impression an awesome one. It does making things easier going forward. Also, when you know you are dressed well, a few things happen:

  • You feel more confident and act more confident.

  • High confidence level automatically brings out a certain style and attitude which is extremely attractive.

  • You will get compliments when you look good and that is a big boost to anyone’s self-esteem. And after a few such compliments nothing can ruin your day! 😉

I read somewhere “….when you feel awesome in an outfit, a sidewalk feels more like a catwalk.” I don’t know who said it, but agree totally and compliments to him/her from me for putting this so beautifully.

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